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OUR GROUP established in 1988 is frontrunner and spacialized in power quality solutions and energy management systems in Indian market since last 2 decades. We have a very large & satisfied customer base with more than 20000 installations all over India and Abroad.

  • Offers the comprehensive and advanced solutions in reactive power, power factor compensation and harmonic mitigation technologies.
  • Intelligent APFC, RTPFC, Tuned & Active Harmonic filters.
  • Offers the most advanced Web based Energy Management system.
  • Offers Turnkey solutions under ESCO model.
  • Installation base of more than 20000 systems all over India & abroad.
  • BEE certified ESCO & supported by various distribution/utility companies.
  • Vast experience of conducting more than 1000 energy studies for energy saving through power quality management in last few years.
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