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Q: Why should I go for V Conserve?
A: Organizations don’t know the difference between a good or bad energy audit report, and therefore will end up paying the same high price for a bad energy audit report and recommendations as they would for an excellent audit and firms will fail to realize the total potential energy savings and may become disillusioned with the process. We develop long-term relationships with you so that we can gain the detailed understanding of the firm process and are able to develop the best long-term, cost-effective recommendations. Our energy audit can reduce your energy cost by 15-20%, often with an investment that is returned in one or two years.

Q: If I want to avail any two services at a time, will you charge separately for each?
A: It depends on type of services chosen by you, for example, if chosen services are Energy Audit & Power quality studies; only charge for both will be clubbed into one , if services chosen are energy audit & energy management services then charges will be separate but one can save the travelling expense of the auditors in both the cases.

Q: What is the cost of a V Conserve Energy Audit?
A:The cost of an Energy Audit depends on the size and complexity of the site. Also on the rated contract demand, installed capacity number of machines/equipment installed & time required to complete the energy audit and to prepare the final recommendation report. Contact us directly for a quote.

Q: How long does the V Conserve energy audit will take?
A:Audits vary depending upon the size and condition of any factory/building. We take pride in our professionalism and we'll take the necessary time to investigate your property thoroughly. Our goal is to find you as many ways to save energy and money.

Q: Can V Conserve support the energy efficient measures which are recommended in energy audit report?
A: Yes, V Conserve provide continuous support on charge basis covering from feasibility study, selection of technology, vendors, arranging of EPC for these measures in minimum time at the optimum cost.

Q: Why should I get an audit done first when I am interested in renewable energy solutions?
A:Because the point of going for renewable energy alternatives will be not meaningful if your system remains inefficient. Let’s say your facility currently losing 30% of the energy usage daily that can be avoided without compromising the productivity & if you pay for installing a renewable energy system or buy renewable energy through the grid at a premium price then 30% of that wonderful and expensive energy is simply going to waste. In fact, money will be wasted twice therefore a comprehensive energy audit is an essential first step to avoid paying for a system that is larger than it needs to be.

Q: Are there incentives/cash benefits available for energy efficient solutions?
A: Yes,Incentives for high efficiency products and systems are often available from manufacturers, utilities and government programs.These incentives tend to vary over time or apply only for specific periods. Tax credits are also available for installing more energy efficient systems. We will guide you on how to utilize the incentives for increasing the feasibility of energy efficient measures at the time of assessment. Some of state governments offers subsidy of 50% of energy efficient solutions and reimburse portion of energy audit fee.
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