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Energy Data Warehousing Service Energy Management Systems
Energy Data Warehousing Service - EDWS
What is Energy Data warehousing service?
  • Energy Data warehousing service is combining energy , Power and Power Quality data from multiple and usually varied energy sources into one comprehensive and easily manipulated database for analytical purpose.
  • Data warehousing creates one database in the end, the number of sources can be anything onewant to add, provided that the system can handle the volume, of course
Why should one go for it?
  • In recent times, companies face an obligation of reducing energy consumption due to various state regulations & Energy Conservation Act 2001
  • Benefical for small to medium enterpises as they can take services of V CONSERVE with complete analyzed report of their energy , power and power quality data at month end at nominal cost without they need to invest anything in manpower or equipment.
  • Management may not have information on energy consumptions and other parameters like power factor , demand etc until they receive their electric bills by the end of the month.
  • With the help of data warehousing customercan view data online on PC , on Mobile or tablet PC & make decisions to optimize the energy consumption for smaller period also with corrective action taken. The alarms and events are send instantly on mobile and customer PC .
  • You can control your facilities energy consumption from anywhere in the world via internet from your home, office or wherever you desire.
V CONSERVE offer the Customized Energy Data Warehousing Services
  • We provide extensive energy monitoring and analyzing services by offering web based softwares integrated with advanced analyzers and communciation equipment with data storing facilities to customer wherein they can monitor their data locally or from remote location, periodically controlling energy consumption at set targets and analyzing the historical data.
  • V Conserve shall generate &provide reports periodically as per the need of customer for building/factory monitoring application along with timely professional advice for corrective action on various issues.
Benefits of VCONSERVE Data Warehousing
  • Performance of the complete network can be online screened, managed and savings can be done.
  • User can archive the obtained data directly, corrobarate and analyze the reports given by us , observe the energy system, and setup alarmsand cut of non essential loads at peak hours where necessary. All the changes and applications can be assessed and intervened remotely.
  • Appropriate strategy can be chosen to balance optimise the energy usage at all times through observations of reports and graphs.
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