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Load Monitoring & Recording Services Energy Load Monitoring & Recording Services
Load Monitoring & Recording Services (LMRS)
What to monitor & record?
  • The process is similar to a doctor using a ECG monitor to record the quality of heartbeat by converting it to electrical signals for one’s heart.
  • Monitoring will provide us with valuable data; however the data needs to be interpreted and applied to the particular equipment/situations for arriving at right decisions
  • Recording the power parameters like kW, kVA, kVAR ,THDsetc. for their peak, average on daily or weekly basis etc on the desired feeders.
Why should you go for it?
  • Over time, gradual changes in loads on power system can result in the overloading of electrical network leaving the distribution equipment in inadequate postion than what originally it had been designed for. This can result in compromised safety margins and tolerances resulting in sudden tripping of protection equipment.
  • Unmonitored changes can cause the gradual degradation of the electrical and electronic components due to heating etcon power system, which can result in untimely damage to equipments and power system itself.
  • Medium to large commercial and industrial customers usually find very difficult to monitor and control their load changes. The Load dynamics keeps on changing as per seasons, orders/sales , production capacities etc. Manual monitoring in such situations may not be suffice .
V CONSERVE offer the precise LMR service
  • Vconserve can provide specialised service locally as well from remote locations to collect Power parameters . It can be from various measurements points inside the same plant/building or from multiple locations at different plants of same organisation . The data can collected at centralized location through Web based software or by manual downloading at each site as per scope of work.
  • We shall examine your company’s power system in meeting the demands of the electrical equipments&suggest if any changes are required.
  • Measuring and monitoring Service will be provided to the customers according to theirrequirements which can be for12 Hours, 24 Hours, 7 days or up to 30 days period depending upon their occupancy, work schedule etc. like in Banks, Offices, Call centres and Industries.
Benefits of V CONSERVE LMR
  • Offer LMR with specialised meters and software tools for customers to analyze their load cycles with energy requirements to make informed decisions regarding upgradation of their network and to identify cost-saving measures.
  • Demand charges can be reduced from rescheduling load usage during peak load periods with various calculations provided on time of usage or other factors as per customer utility billing scheme.
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