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Health check up of plant equipments
Health check up of plant equipments What is health check up of plant equipments?
  • To know the present status of health of old static & running equipments like air vessels, transformers, pipings, pumps, motors, compressors, engines etc.
  • Checking the health status of equipment through predictive equipments like vibration analyzer NDT,Meggers,Resistance meters, Thermographyetc
Why should one go for it?
  • To anticipate the defect before failure.
  • As predictive maintenance practice
  • To know the present performance of the equipment & its efficiency
  • To assess the remaining life of the equipment
  • To increase the time between too maintenance and cost reduction.
V CONSERVEoffer one roof solution for check up of all equipments
  • Health check of static & rotating mechanical and electrical equipments
  • Vibration analysis of rotating equipments
  • Infrared thermal imaging
  • Ultrasonic thickness and flow measurement
  • HV test & insulation testing
  • TANĪ“ testing for H.V equipments
  • Hydro testing of pressure vessels
Benefits of Vconserve Predictive maintenance:
  • Exact status of health of your equipment & remaining life of equipments
  • Increased Reliability of the equipment & Improved availability of equipments
  • Onecan plan replacement of equipments and plan future investments
  • Can plan preventive maintenance thus no surprise of emergency break downs
  • Saving in cost of maintenance
  • Higher productivity, cost reduction and improved profitability
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